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“The marketing world is waking up to the importance of the Over-50’s. We have asked ermission of Straiton/Engre Advertising to reprint their engaging compilation of discoveries bout this widely recognized market. Forever Young is targeted straight at the heart, pocketbook, and purse of the Over-50’s spenders.”

- Forever Young,
Canada’s Leading Publication for Today’s 50-Plus Lifestyle.

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  • 64% of Canadians over 65 own their own homes, mostly mortgage free.

  • 50-plus individuals control two-thirds of Canada’s capital assets.

  • Over-50’s have about 55% of all the discretionary dollars in Canada. That’s money to spend on FUN, on non-essentials like travel, luxury cars, gourmet foods, interior decorating & home renovations, appliances, home entertainment.

  • The 50-64 age group has $7 billion in RRSP’s in Canada.

  • Over-50’s control around 80% of all household financial holdings: stocks, bonds, liquid assets, real personal wealth.

  • Over-50’s will buy nearly 1/3 of all new cars (Ray Windeker, research manager, Ford, Dearborn).

  • Over-50’s are 97% debt free.

  • Over-50’s and Over-65’s do gleefully seize upon the perks of age: 10% off, special rates on public transportation, selective treatment by trust companies, banks, stores.

  • Over 50’s delight in life enhancing things such as technology, trips, cameras, fine foods and wines… you name it.

  • Over-50’s are interested in nutrition.

  • Over-50’s are keen on many sports: cross-country skiing, curling, swimming, cycling, golf, walking, sailing, tennis, squash. And they have the money to indulge in these sports, the clubs, the clothes, the equipment, the resorts.

  • Over-50’s love travel - not just bus tours of England, but African safaris, tenting in Thailand, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef…

  • A major avocation of Over-50’s is redecorating the home.

  • 63% of Over-50’s would rather spend on someone else than on themselves. GIFTS. Grandchildren reap a lot of the benefit of this generosity.


This monthly 50+ newsmagazine is published across Ontario and British Columbia with a combined circulation of over 545,000 copies monthly and has been serving the Canadian market since 1985.

Forever Young is about active, goal-oriented aging, with a broad mandate to celebrate positive role models in the boomer population. We have taken advantage of 28 years of accumulated wisdom gleaned from publishing for the mature market and have evolved into a lifestyle medium with a focus on rewards, transitions, pleasures, passions, challenges and opportunities.

National Editor Don Wall selects top-drawing celebrity profiles for the monthly covers (which over the years have featured Oprah Winfrey, Bobby Orr, Madonna, Dr.Oz, Neil Young, Raquel Welch, Simon Cowell and Johnny Depp), complemented by monthly features in the Personal section (health, fitness, achievements, food & drink and good living); Shift (homes, technology and in general learning to adapt to today’s swiftly changing society); Dispatches (women’s humour with Renee Fisher, tech and money columns); Spotlight (encouraging participation in the community, highlighting great entertainment options) and Escape (expanding on great travel features to include milestone life experiences).